I’m back

I really am terrible blogger.  I have essentially forgotten about my blog for several months.  Where have I been?  Well my excuse is i’ve been busy.  I had surgery and after my recovery I was asked to help with the college’s new website redesign.  I did some work on the Information Architecture, as well as training and support for our new content management system. I may do some usability testing of the new site in the future, but hopefully I am almost done with this project.  It is been a real learning experience, and had many challenges.

I must say though that I am looking forward to being a librarian again. I feel like I have been IT staff for the past few months.
You can see some of the work we’ve done at Concordia’s new website. There are sitll some ongoing usability issues, and some areas are not as developed with content as they should be (we’re getting there), but i think it’s a huge improvement over the old site.



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