About Me

Hello.  My name is Dana Ouellette.  I am an academic librarian at Concordia University College of Alberta, in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and I am fortunate enough to wear many hats and explore my wide variety of interests. I am both the Science and the Religious Studies liaison librarian (yes you read the correctly I am the science and religion librarian), as well as managing the library’s website and electronic resources, and a few other teaching and reference responsibilities.

My academic background is mostly ancient literature. I have a B.A. in classics, and an M.A. in religious studies mostly using social science methods for interpreting the gospel of Mark. I was drawn to LIS because I wanted to be connected to the academic community, but actually able to get a job. I love it so far.  My current research interests are in  library website usability, especially subject guides. I have recently finished a research project on student’s use and perception of subject guides in academic libraries. I enjoy usability testing, and helping to make library websites more user focused.

Outside of this weird world of academia, I am into cycling (or obsessed may be a better word).  Particularly, I race cross-country mountain bikes, but I enjoy road cycling, and cyclocross as well.


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