Samples of my Research

  • Driving Out Injustice: A Social-Economic Interpretation of Mark 11:11-25 in Light of Mark’s Listening Audience. Unpublished M.A. Thesis. (pdf)

Research interests

Academic Librarianship

  • user-centred librarianship
  • Subject guide design
  • Library website design
  • Search functionality and accuracy
  • Information literacy

Biblical Studies

  • The Gospel of Mark
  • Socio-economic readings of the Bible
  • Banking and lending in the ancient world
  • Oral cultures
  • Peasant Societies


Ok this isn’t a research interest, I just love reading about science.   Particularly biological and cosmological evolution.  I love reading anything to do with astronomy, the origins of the universe, big bang, etc…

I will read anything by or about Richard Feynman.  He is one of my academic heroes, in spite of the fact that he had nothing but contempt for the social sciences and the humanities.


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